Ebook Where Did I Come From? Where Am I Going?

This book conveys knowledge about very basic spiritual correlations. It contains incisive questions and answers to the topic of “life after death.”
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For example:

How does death take place? What does the soul experience, once it leaves its body? What does karma and reincarnation mean? What help can be given to a person who is dying? Is death already programmed with birth? What is the purpose of our life on the Earth?

Excerpt from the book:  Most people fear this transition, that is, they are afraid of dying. What can one do about this?
The process of dying is similar to that of birth. To be born into a material life is a very natural event. The soul changes spheres. To die is to be born into the spiritual worlds.
While on earth as a human being, the very best preparation for our transition into the fine-material form of existence is to align with the light-filled spiritual spheres. This happens by constantly turning to the Spirit within, to God, our Father, and by living a life according to His laws.

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